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Updated, August 17th 2016



All my bears are original works of art.




Hello Everyone,

I'm very glad to announce... I'm back with my bears and I will participate to EBearshow, on August 19th 2016.
However, now, you can see the bears and friends that we will offer you and even, you can vote for the best creation in the show.

Here is the link to my stall :

In 11 days, you will see the new creations I made for the "Come Back" show

I designed Rainy the preview bear with the idea of Life.  I embroidered with beads a fontein on her forehead, meaning water, life...

Beary Hugs.


Updated, November 16th 2015





Alvina will open the Christmas treasures, next week






pdated September 17th 2015

An  Online Show !!!

Homeless But Hopeful Online Orphan Sale - October 2-4, 2015
Special pricing on bears and animals still awaiting new homes,
direct from the artists who made them!


Exclusive pricing for this show only
25-75% OFF!
Be sure to mark your calendar and take advantage of this opportunity to
adopt new artist bears at great prices!




Updated, September 11th 2015

Fall Stars Teddy Bear Show opens in a few Hours !!!!


Fall Stars Online event opens in a few hours!

We are all excited 
4 Fabulous Bear Adopting Days,

and Pollux will be there with 10 other bears and teddy bear friends !


Updated August 11th 2015.

Two new digital patterns on Etsy.


I received a large request to make a pattern for a beret style hat, and finally I did it.
So, I decided to add instructions for a knitting dress. romper and a beret style hat.
The pattern contains only accessories, not the teddy bear.

Here is the cover page and the link where you can purchase it.


The second one is a miniature fabric teddy bear (5 inches tall).

This pattern contains 10 pages, including the design and instructions to make the teddy bear, a lot of pictures too.


Our next show "Weird and Wonderful" opens in 14 days...

Starting Friday Aug 21st 2015 at 4:00 PM


Tuesday Aug 25th 2015 at 4:00 PM.

All times Sydney Australia time,

Meaning for us : 

Friday, August 21, 2015 at 2:00:00 AM (New York Time)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 2:00:00 AM (New York Time)

(At the specified time, local time in New York is 14 hours behind Sydney)


Updated, August 6th 2015.


Grace and Melissa have been adopted, thanks to their new Mom.



Updated, July,24th 2015



Melissa is my preview Bear for the Show 
and will be ready for adoption on Sunday, August 2 and Monday August 3, 2015
She will not be alone...and all my little teddy bears world will be pleased to see you there !!!!!

Updated, July 10th 2015.

Ursula found a new Mom.


Updated, June, 7th 2015

For the moment, I'm preparing teddies for the 2 online shows in August.

Last month, I followed a class, with the artist Lylia.  She showed us the way to make a dress on measures....Not easy for someone who did not like mathematics in her young time, but the class was very interesting.

It was my fourth class and I enjoyed it so much. I received a fourth diploma.

I restarted also sculpting mini babies in polymer clay.  A few years ago, I was running Lullaby Nursery and I decided to reopen it.

A few pictures of my past creations, all by hand and no molds.




And Elisa is my preview bear for the event.









Let me introduce my newest Thread Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern, made from thread.

Crochet Level: Medium and Advanced Beginners

The pattern contains 11 pages of clear instructions, a lot of pictures, fully detailed and you will learn a new technique for filling the head of your teddy bear, how to make a 3D embroidered nose and how to make correctly bendable arms.

This is a pattern that will bring your own creativity to a new level, 

You will need :
Size 10 steel crochet hook. (1.30 mm)
Cotton thread 8
3 mm black onyx eyes 
Needle nose pliers 
Polyester Fiberfill for stuffing. 
Artist pencils or pastels for shading 
Upholstery Thread for jointing 
A Wire brush to fuzz up your bear. 

Please note that all my patterns are protected and registered to Copyright under the number 




Chantal Bears Store opening, very soon.





Ailsa will travel to Germany, where she found her new home. Thanks Mommy !!!!



Princess, Jolie and Shaelynn found a new Mom.





Jolie, my preview bear and her friend, Princess, are ready for adoption on next Friday,

at the March Madness Online Show.



Hi Everyone,

I listed a thread teddy bear girl on Ebay.  It's a totally new design and I will publish the pattern very soon, normally next week.
I will wait my friend who is testing the pattern.

Here is the link on Ebay :

And now pictures of the little Ailsa :
I'm pleased to present you my new creation : Ailsa.

I made the little teddy bear a collectible one and not a toy.
Created from a mix of acrylic and mohair thread and yarn.
I added very carefully details,with precision and extra care .
Standing just over 3 inches tall.
I added hand-painted gentle shadings and details.

She has black eyes.

5 way jointed.
Firmly stuffed with premium poly fiberfill.
Ailsa wears a skirt with ruffles. She has a little hat on her head.
She is so sweet and has a lot of love to give.
I'm sure she will find a Mommy very soon.

She comes from a smoke-free home.



Ebearshow, online show,

Dear Collectors and Friends,

Our latest show, "Bold and Beautiful", opens for sales on Friday Feb 20th 2015 at 4:00 PM (Sydney, Australia time). Make sure you put the date in your diary and bookmark the site.

Here is Jenica, my preview bear, a sweet little panda girl.


Hope to see you there.








Olita has been adopted, thank you !!!!


Valentin has been adopted. Thank You !!!!



Raina has been adopted.  Thank You !!!!





 Friday is almost here!

Just 2 more day and
on February 6th 

Bright Star's Winter Stars Online 

Teddy Bear Show opens!


Raina is presenting the Winter Stars Online Show

with many other bears and friends.

She is a cute little teddy bear girl, wearing an 

handmade sweater.

I must also tell you that Raina won a first place 

in a  Russian contest, last week.


I hope you will like her.


Here is the link to see all the beautiful bears

presented by talented artists.


Happy New Year


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -- Eleanor Roosevelt


You made a great 2014 year for my bears, my family and me, and I would like to thank you.
I wish every day of the New Year to be as brilliant, as vibrant,as colorful and as beautiful as you are.  May you and your family get everything you wished for !!!
Happy New Year 2015 !


Updated, November 24th 2014



Let me present, Noelene, the preview bear for the show.  

She is 13.9 inches (35 cm) tall, made from a soft, dense and long pile fabric.

Bears Hugs.





Updated November 23rd 2014






Let me present Mathias, my preview bear for the 2014 Christmas Treasures Online Show.

Voting will start on November 7th 2014.

And the show will open on November 21/22/23, 2014 


Updated October 17th 2014.


OctoBEARfstonline show is open and Macey found a new Mom




6 babies are still looking for a new home.

Sharlee has been adopted.

Ogin has been adopted.


Upcoming Show  !!!

September 5-8, 2014




I'm very pleased to present
"Rachel", a One of a Kind teddy Bear Girl, I created for my Show preview bear for the

2014 The Fall Stars Online Show
 September 5-8, 2014
I would like to introduce you to "RACHEL", my preview bear for the show.
She is a 15"7 (40 cm) . One of a Kind.
I created her from a dense grey curly faux fur, with white faux fur for the muzzle.

She will be there with 7 others new bears, and bear friends



Taesha is the

 Best Bear of Show


 Thanks for your votes and Taesha is proud and thanks you all.  Beary Hugs.

The ONline show will open on August 15th !!!!!






Taesha is my preview bear for the Cute or Quirky, Bears or Critters Online show.

Previews and votes for the next show "Cute or Quirky, Bears or Critters" are now open.

Simply click on the image of the stall you want to vote for from the list below to see more details.

Kelsey : ADOPTED








Jennel has been adopted.




Friday, today, July 11th, welcome to Christmas in July Online Show.






Updated June 16th 2014

Orchid : ADOPTED.






Zinnia has been ADOPTED, Thank you !!




Updated on May 22nd 2014

On Ebay, this week, I have Zinnia,Tabia and Windy


Here are their pictures with their link on Ebay.





 Updated May 12th 2014

Lauren : ADOPTED.




Karrie, ADOPTED.



 Updated May 6th 2014

 Spring May Online Show.

Hi Everyone,

I'm very proud to announce my participation to the Online Teddy Bear Show from May 9th - May 12th 2014.

Lazuli is my Bright Star preview bear for the show and will be accompanied by 8 other new creations, teddy bears and teddy bear friends.

Come visit us between May 9th and May 12th, we are 52 artists presenting our bears. Bears from a lot of talented artists find a home usually the first day so be there early for the  best selection.

I will be online during those days as often as possible to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks and see you there.



Updated April 20th 2014








Updated March 18th 2014







 Updated March 13th 2014

 A bunny for a commission.

I finished today a bunny ; his Mom would like to have a plain Bunny, no accessories, nothing...




 Updated, March 9th 2014.

Nicholette has been adopted.



Updated, March 7th 2014

Darilynn has been adopted.

Thank you 



Updated March 2nd 2014


Updated Feb,24th 2014


Helina,  ADOPTED


And, Shauna,


 Updated, February, 20th 2014

Filia. Adopted.




Updated, February, 11th 2014

My creations are available for adoption, at

 Updated, February, 8th 2014

Valentine, ADOPTED


Updated, February, 7th 2014

Bongo (Adopted)





And now 1 teddie as preview of future shows....




This year, I will participate to a few online shows and I decided to split my teddy bears in 2 editions,one for the fabric teddies and another one for the thread teddies.


Until now, it works but I needed to apply a schedule. A part of my work time for the fabric ones and another part for the thread ones.

If I will follow the schedule, perhaps, we will see LOL


And I would  like to show you my thread teddies because I'm still working on my big size babies.


Here is Chanelle.  Adopted











A new digital pattern for Ida, thread teddy bear, on Etsy.



On Etsy, there are 2 teddy bears : Adyson and Ida.





"New Year is just another time to say that I shall cherish our friendship forever.
Happy New Year "




 Updated on November 3rd 2013



Nicholas. (ADOPTED)

Updated on October 15th,






 Updated, August 20th 2013


Announcing our new event!

Bright Star Promotions organizes a first Online Show.

I will be a part of the event, on September 6-9, with a totally new teddy bears edition, never seen before and a lot of new features.



Bella is my preview Teddy Bear for the Show.



Updated July, 4th 2013


A new pattern for a miniature Thread Crochet Teddy Bear, on Etsy, with a lot of features.

The Cover Page


Updated June 11th 2013

For French Readers ; pour mes lecteurs de la lettre d'information 

Une grande nouvelle ; un de mes derniers patrons a été traduit en français.
Avis aux amateurs !!

Nouveau: version FRANCAISE de l'ours miniature au crochet et ses habits au tricot.

Crystal has been adopted


And also, on Etsy now, you buy the pattern and you receive it  immediately  after the confirmation by Paypal.

My online store on Etsy is :

 Updated : June, 8th 2013

 Available Teddy Bears

Tresha, another little girl, with lovely eyes is here
I relisted Crystal on Ebay, a mini Thread Crochet Bear ;

 Updated : May,26th 2013

I posted 3 new patterns. I started to write them one year ago and believe me, I was so glad to see yesterday that I could finally publish them.
And also, on Etsy now, you buy the pattern and you will receive it immediately after the payment confirmation by Paypal.

My online store on Etsy is :






Updated : April, 23rd 2013


I hope that better weather arrived in your area.
Here, Spring is here, very shy, but we must have patience with Mother Nature.

with her lovely eyes.

 Updated on February, 20th 2013

Lolita has been Adopted.



 Updated on February, 13th 2013

Sunny has been adopted.

Updated November 16th : Collectors Choice Award

I'm very honored by the support I received for the votes.  Thank You.


Updated November 14th 2012 ; Online Show for Christmas

You are invited to the Christmas Treasures Online Teddy Bears Show,
on November 16th to 18th 2012.
I will be online with my creations.
The link will be open on Friday, November 16th at 4.00pm

Here a video I did, with their pictures and the Carol Song I choose for the Show.

See you at the special Christmas Event.

Updated October 29th 2012

 A good news; Odelia received an award for the 4th position in her category.

Updated October 4th 2012

She has been ADOPTED.

For this week, I have a little teddy bear girl, Ellyn.
I decided to create a new `"Cuddles Edition" and she is
one of them.
you can visit her for the description and all informations


Updated September 25th 2012

Summer is over, it has been very hot, too hot for teddies.
104 degrees during weeks and weeks..
Teddies and I we are feeling better now, with Autumn arrival.

Cuddles is my newest creation, measuring 2.8 inches.
I made a pair of pants and a knitted sweater made from embroidery thread. (3 strands)

Cuddles found yesterday a new sweet Mommy. 


Updated, July 25TH 2012

A new little one, Leiah is ready for adoption.  Here is her link where you will
see a lot of pictures taken in the garden and in the studio.


Updated, July 10th 2012


For the first time, I have an entry in large bear category this year.
It was a challenge I gave to myself, designing a large teddy bear.
For voting, click on the picture below, thanks to you all.

Here is the message of URSA Contest
Of course it will be hard to pick your favorites from 109 entries, but we know that you can do it! You know bears! 

You do not have to vote all at one time, you can return to vote anytime in the missed categories. Your computer will signal you if you have already voted in a category. 


Use the directional arrow located at the bottom of each category page to navigate to the next category. After voting DO NOT use the 'close window' button as your pages will close. Best to use your back tabs button. 


Updated, June 20th 2012

Lallie has been adopted, Thank You. 

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Updated, May,10th 2012

Lucka is a little teddy bear girl, with a mini Yorkie ; she is 2.8 inches tall.
She found a new Mom, Thank You. 






The second is Kendall, 9.5 inches tall.
She found a new Mom, Thank You.  





Karalynn is the third one, with a partially needle felted face, 9.5 inches tall.
She found a new Mom, Thank You.  
Thanks for reading my post....


Updated : April 26th 2012


Updated : April 21rst 2012


Updated : March 27th 2012


Updated : March 13th 2012


A new little one in Chantal Bears Creations : Pandy.



Updated : March 6th 2012

I have to pull the Ebooklet from the market because of people misunderstanding the idea of the booklet ; they wanted a pattern included in it; however, because the technique is available for all types of teddy bears in thread,yarn, knitted or crochet, I did not add a specific pattern which was well explained in the item description. People could used it on other patterns from other artists but it looks like the new idea was not understood by some....

I plan to add the personal technique in the book I'm writing now that will most likely be published next year where it will include patterns and "how to".

I'm feeling sorry for that, but I had to take this decision to avoid further problems which are taking time from my beloved teddy bears and eating up the much needed time for the book. If you are still interested to buy the "how to" ... of course NOT including the pattern please feel free to contact me.


A New EBooklet released today

I received a large request from people asking me how I could give personality to my teddy bears....
Finally, I wrote a new booklet containing 14 pages and 36 pictures showing "how to"
I hope that little booklet will help a lot of people making teddy bears !!!!!



Updated February 14th 2012.

NEW !!!!!!!!!!

A new Ebook from Chantal Bears will be released in a few days,

The cover page.....


Updated January 31rst 2012

I'm making a panda bear, around 30 cm.... members of my newsletter will receive news very soon ....



Updated January 24th 2011

Brittany is done, wonderful little one (30 cm,12 inches)




Updated : January, 20th 2012

Next week a new creation will be on my webpage.....

For the moment, I'm working on a commission for a birthday, 30 cm, 12 inches !!!! She will be beautiful....



Updated : December 6th, 2011





I'm proud to show all my 2011 Christmas Edition Teddy Bears ; only one little girl did not find a new home for Christmas.




Naomi is living now in US



Nikita is on the way to US



And Noel is also on the way to US



A lot of work, made with love, but they deserved it....

Thanks to my teddy bears collectors.

Tomorrow, Nikita will be on Ebay, but be the first to see her movie 


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Naomi was my first one for this year.

She has been SOLD



Updated October 17th 2011

My new creation, Verena


I'm pleased to present you my new creation : Verena.
She has been created and designed by me : Chantal Giroux


Created with soft mohair thread .
Standing just over 2.5 inches - 6 cm tall.


She has black glass eyes.


She is 5 way jointed.
Firmly stuffed with premium polyfiberfill.

 has a mini blue bow on her head and she wears a little dress 
specially made for her.
Her legs have been weighted
with glass beads.


She is so sweet and has a lot of love to give.
I'm sure she will find a Mommy very soon.


She comes from a smoke-free home.


Updated October, 4th 2011

Dawni has been SOLD.


Here a few pictures 






Updated September 1rst 2011



I am writing a new  pattern for the moment and I decided to present you the teddy bear prototype.



The teddy bear looks very simple, but there is a secret about the process applied to the teddy.

Soon the pattern will be published ; I think around September 15th.

A second teddy is nearly completed, so I tested the pattern applying other processes.

See you soon


for Minta

for Kade





Updated : August 16th 2011




Minta .


Chanelle : SOLD

Teddy Bear patterns - patrons pour ours.

I have patterns for sale also ; check my Epatterns page :
There is a new one a knitted teddy bear, very easy to make and to follow...
It's a bilingual pattern ; in French and in English.
Mon nouveau patron est un ours tricoté, très facile à faire et à suivre.
C'est un patron en français et en anglais.

Thanks in advance for your visit and have a good day.



Updated : June 9th 2011

My new Creation for Josiane

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Canadian artist Chantal Giroux did this teddy bear piece just for our article.


Our next artist, Chantal Giroux, is an active member of Bears&Buds and makes her home to our north in Saint Johns, New Brunswick Canada. 

This delightful teddy bear artist was attracted to teddy bears right from her childhood, and they remain her passion today. 

Her daughter Laura, who is also a teddy bear artist, is quick to praise her mother’s talents. 

Chantal’s work includes her expressions in knitting, crochet, tatting, painting, embroidery and a long list of other forms of creating amazing teddy bears. 

Daughter Laura says “Mom made her first crochet bear about 7 years ago, and I still have it! Bear making is not a job for her; it is her life.” 

Take a look at Chantal’s other creations too.

Chantal Giroux

Chantal's Bears Collection


Updated : April 22nd 2011


Just released, my new Thread Knit bear pattern, Leslie.

There are 2 parts, English and French version and following your language , you don't have to print all the booklet.

I will mention the page numbers to print in the mail after your check out by Paypal.

It will be for sale in a few days.


Updated on April 15th 2011

New in Chantal Bears Creations : A Mini Knitted Teddy Bear




Medora : SOLD


Lou has been sold :














Updated on March 8th 2011 ; SOLD

I'm pleased to present you my new creation :Rina 




Janvier 2011 : Another teddy bear baby girl Audrey (sold)












January 2011 :  Amanda :  SOLD

The perfect Valentine Gift, Adalia : SOLD

A mohair bear : Ailsa : SOLD



The pictures now :

Annalee : SOLD


Shantel : SOLD


And, Amanda : SOLD

November 2010.

Fourth week for Christmas Edition Teddy bears




Her name is Davida. (SOLD)

Third week for my Christmas Edition Teddy Bears.
Only for the show, I took a picture of the three teddy bears, Caroline, Anthony and Awen ; all have found a new home :

For the first time, I would like to create an articulated teddy bear and I did it ; in place of the elbow, I put a bead and here is the result ; her name is Rina,

She wears a cute red and white dress and I added beads around her Christmas hat.


The second one is Gelya ; it's a totally new design I created ; she is cute, measuring 5 inches and made from a soft faux-fur fabric.



Second Week for my Christmas Edition Teddy Bears

Chalina is a mini Teddy Bear girl, measuring 2,5 inches when standing on her legs, made from a mix of thread and yarn. 

 Her face is finished with hand painted gentle shadings and her features are embroidered with thread.
She has black glass eyes. Her nose is embroidered.

Shalina found a new home.


Lanie is a mini Teddy Bear girl, measuring 3 inches when standing on her legs, made from a soft fabric. 
 Her face is finished with hand painted gentle shadings and her features are embroidered with thread.

She has black glass eyes and her nose is embroidered.


Awen is a mini Teddy Bear boy, measuring 5 inches when standing on his legs, made from a soft fabric.
Awen found a new home.

That's all for the second week.

November 2010.

The time flies and I started my Christmas series with 2 new creations ;

Here is Anthony, vintage style teddy bear, measuring 5 inches :

The second is Caroline, his sister :


October 2010

Candie winner of the Saint John Teddy Bear contest .

SOLD (Lari)




Sunshine : SOLD

Tembo, SOLD


September 1rst 2010

I have to share 2 good news....... and first the pictures ;




My crocheted teddy bear received the white ribbon for a third place and Candie, the red ribbon for the first place.

August 28th 2010

News from Chantal Bears.

Here is Candie ; Candie is a HUGE teddy bear, I designed and created for a contest here in Saint John - NB.


Candie is made from faux-fur, long pile fabric.

She will go to the contest today afternoon and will stay there for a week ; I will her...

The Jury will judge the creation Tuesday August 31rst and we must leave her there until September 4th.

I'm crossing fingers.

And for the occasion, I updated my picture as Teddy Bear Artist.

A funny picture ;o))))


Check also the page Available Bears, I'm adding a few teddy bears. 


August 21rst 2010

This week, I have teddies and a pattern on Ebay



August 2nd 2010.

Today I listed 5 teddy bears and 1 pattern on Ebay ; the general link is

Here are the pictures :





Daniela, my new teddy bear ballerina ; she will be on Ebay, next week ; but you can watch her photo album ...


Click to play this Smilebox photo album
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Personalize your own photo album


June 2010 ; News : a New thread Crochet Panda Bear has been released.

With that pattern, you will learn how to weight your Thread Crochet Bear, how to paint Panda eyes and more.....



Elenor : (sold)



Sherylyn (SOLD) :



update : March 11th,2010

A new creation, Cordelia, a cute teddy bear friend (Easter Bunny)



Another one : Cissy : I gave her an antique look.


A new Creation : Connie (SOLD)



Good News, Hope created for Doctors Without Borders, raised 31 dollars ; it's not a HUGE amount but for me it's important and I would like to thank all the bidders and the collector who will receive her in a few days.



The new creation is Trisha, made with love ; however she is SOLD.  Here is her picture,



                                                                        Claire - SOLD -